Let the energy flow, dissolve blockages and activate your self-healing power.


Shamanic treatments

Let the energy flow, dissolve blockages and activate your self-healing power.

A shamanic treatment can help you in many different aspects. People come to me both because of physical body distress, often caused by psychosomatic issues, but also because of blockages, negative emotions and feelings or because of past traumas that still need to be addressed. But also topics like self-sabotage, permanent lack of energy, fears, stress or relationship issues can be themes worth a treatment.

First we will talk shortly about your topic of concern and put you at ease. After you will gently lie down, while I will do a journey in your subconscious. Energy will be free to flow again afterwards, your chakras will be clearer, old patterns and negative thoughts will dissipate.

It is possible that I also get in touch with disincarnates energies, lost pieces of your soul or I could work on the karma level. The purpose of any change is just the best for you, in this very moment. You will feel way more relaxed and positive afterwards.

In order to experience even the subtlest changes in your life, allow at least for a week of internal process.

Treatments via phone or Skype are also possible, if you are not able to come at my place.

A minimum of 3 sessions interleaved with a 1-2 weeks gap is suggested in order to properly address the topic your brought up.

  • Duration: 60-75 Minutes
  • Price: 80 Euro

Package: 3x for 220 Euro

Drum journey

Do you have a theme that would you like to give a closer look at? A still unanswered question, something of your life that always leaves you unsatisfied? With this treatment I will lead yout into a light trance state with the help of my drum and after that you will be the one doing a journey in your past or even in a previous life. I will be there to guide you through your subconscious while keeping you safe.

You will wander in your spiritual world looking for the cause of your problem and a possible solution. You could meet your spiritual animal representation, a master or a spiritual guide, who will also support you during your voyage. You will experience images, memories and emotions that will start the transformation and the healing process inside yourself.

You will be finally able to take this experience back in the realm of consciousness and integrate it in your daily life.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Price: 60 Euro

Package: 3x for 160 Euro

Energetic Straightening

The spine is the center of the body. From a spiritual point of view, the greatest current flows through it in us: the life force, from below upwards and vice versa. This flow of energy nourishes our whole system.

If our life is characterized by stress, if we tense up every day, adapt to difficult or unconfortable situations, constantly stooped and anxious through the day, full of emotional burdens and unexpressed grief, sooner or later this will affect our spine.

The body reacts to every impulse and every impression experienced. A long-lasting bad posture can cause a curvature of the spine: it shifts or twists, local pains arise, but it can be even seen such as crooked pelvis or shoulders. We have lost our balance.

Through the spiritual straightening of the spine, a healing impulse is given to blockage and stagnant energy in all cells.

From the first chakra, simbolically seen as "the earth" to the upper end, our head, "the divine", an inner direction helps to bring the energy back into the flow. The chakras are realigned and activated.

The spiritual straightening of the spine can be very helpful with such complaints:

  • curvature of the spine;
  • any misalignment (for example: atlas malalignment);
  • Blocked vertebrae, sliding vertebrae;
  • herniated discs;
  • pelvic inclination;
  • leg length differences;
  • diseases of the joints;
  • knee and foot deformities;
  • Sciatic nerve irritation;
  • Painful conditions of all kinds (muscle tension, nerve pain);
  • for the prevention incorrect posture;
  • any other chronic complaints and illnesses.

Usually one session is enough for a lifetime, but persistent cases require follow-up treatment. After that you will notice it immediately. A new feeling will come when standing, sitting or walking. Legs get the same length again, pain disappears.

How a session works:

  • Clarification about actual discomfort, pains or previous accidents;
  • measurement of the legs (with a pen);
  • Examine shoulder, knee and pelvis positioning;
  • treatment;
  • Refresh the measurement to see if the goal has been achieved. Possibly immediate follow-up;
  • Conclusion.

The whole happens without any touching.

  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Price: 70 Euro

** Note *: The spiritual straightening of the spine is * not a medical / therapeutic treatment **. No diagnoses are made and no healing promises are made. Rather, the spiritual straightening affects the human being in her totality, who is able to straighten herself up again from within.

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Policy of cancellation

Please let me know in order to make the space available for other interested parties. If the appointment is canceled within 48 hours, 50% of the price will be charged as a cancellation fee. The cancellation costs are legally binding.

Note: The spiritual work is not a medical / therapeutic treatment. No diagnoses are made and no healing promises are made. Rather, the energetic healing work affects the person in his entirety, who is able to self-heal from within and to come in his strength again.

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