Treat yourself to an inner journey while I play different sounds around you.



Let yourself gently experience an inner journey with the help of different sounds around you

Sound is medicine, it carries energy and a soundhealing session can be very touching and emotional. You can feel your own needs and develop new perspectives. The soft vibrations will help you to release blockages and body tensions. Furthermore it brings the organism again in his natural state of wave harmony.

I will use instruments like the shamanic drum, the rattle, the rainstick, the tibetan bowl, among my guitar and my voice. I will follow the flow and I'll play sounds all around your body. Your heart will slowly open itself to receive the different hear stimulations and you will part from your old self.

Your energy field will be renewed and regulated with harmony. Your body will be glad to receive the direct vibration of the sound directly into the chakras, as you will notice through a state of relax.

Pregnancy should be no barrier for a soundhealing experience! The vibrations into the womb soothe both you and your child, bonding you two (or three :) even more.

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Price: 45 Euro

Package: 3x for 115 Euro

Kundalini Dance-Meditation

Let the snake energy flows through you…

The indian spiritual guru Osho developed this powerful method in order to shake away energy in excess. This dance-meditation is based in 4 main steps:

  • shaking your body, awakening the Kundalini Energy in your low belly;
  • dancing like nobody is watching;
  • feeling what you have just experienced;
  • lie down, integrating it and relaxing.

It's the perfect way for getting rid of the daily stress. It will place you back in the present moment and inside your body.

Join in and bring your friends! Come with comfortable clothes, Max 3 people.

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Price: 15 Euro

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Policy of cancellation

Please let me know in order to make the space available for other interested parties. If the appointment is canceled within 48 hours, 50% of the price will be charged as a cancellation fee. The cancellation costs are legally binding.

Note: The spiritual work is not a medical / therapeutic treatment. No diagnoses are made and no healing promises are made. Rather, the energetic healing work affects the person in his entirety, who is able to self-heal from within and to come in his strength again.

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