My way: from woman to woman, from light to light

My name is Ludovica, I come from Italy and I live in Berlin since more then 10 years.

I had always desire for investigating the spiritual world. During the school years I was really interested in the religion class we had once a week. Later I turned myself towards occultism and esoterism, not without any remorse. It was period of many experiences, of both brightness and less brightness.

Afterwards I got acquainted with many different kinds of religion and daily life practices, always searching for something more meaningful, always in search of my inner myself: from Hinduism (Mudra, Mantra singing, Ayurveda…) to Buddhism (with its culture of peace), going through daily meditations, OBE experiences during the night, strict raw-vegan diet, entheogene healing plants, different kinds of Yoga, Reiki, Theta Healing, hypnosis and family constellations.

I really value all these methods as in every one of them I could find a something authentic. All this stages led me to eventually find what I recognised as the ultimate remedy for me, shamanism that is, around 2012. After many courses around the energetic world, in order to achieve balance, I discovered in the following years the way to the here and now, the way to the body and I deepened my knowledge, with various tantra and body massage trainings, which then also became my established methods.

After many years of hard work on myself and on my own traumas, I reconciliated myself with one of my biggest passions: music, through my voice, the guitar, other shamanic instruments and my significant one. After a 10 years hiatus I rediscovered myself again as a singer-songwriter.

Movement, dance and body awareness play also a very important role for me. They are also paths that can show our inner Goddess to ourselves: Trance Festival in Brandenburg, 5 Rhytmen Dance in Berlin, Kundalini-Dance-Meditation from Osho in my cosy living room are some of the possibilities that I use when my energy level is low and my body looks for balance.

Here some of the courses I took and that inspire me in my work today:

  • 2013: Initiation bei Chakawisdom - (“The Rite of the Womb”)
  • 2013: Tao Tantric Workshop und Selbstmassage für Frauen - bei Doris Chandana
  • 2014: 1. Schamanische Ausbildung Sein Kurs - bei Inadevi
  • 2015: 2. Schamanische Ausbildung Bewusstsein Kurs
  • 2016: 3. Schamanische Ausbildung Freude Kurs
  • 2019: Tantra Massage für Frauen (“Reisen in die Weiblichkeit”) - bei Jana
  • 2020: Wellness Coach & Massage Therapeutin Ausbildung - bei Kisa Akademie
  • 2020: Being-Woman, die 7 Archetypen, Zyklus des Lebens - bei Pia Bardou
  • 2020: Assistent during Heilwoche am Meer bei Inadevi
  • 2020: 4. Schamanische Ausbildung Liebe Kurs
  • 2021: Shamanic family constellation Ausbildung - bei Inadevi

I have learned from many teachers and sages, including the teaching of Alberto Villoldo, founder of the “4 Wind Society”, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingermann, Sonia Emilia Rainbow, Grof Stanislav, Osho, Sri Chinmoy, Andro and many others who are a constant source of inspiration to me. My formal education consists of a German and American literature bachelor I did in Italy (2007), and the Ethnology and Gender Studies at the Humboldt of Berlin (2014) which led me once more on the way to shamanism (anthropologists like Carlos Castaneda, Margaret Mead) and women issues.

Besides English, I speak a fluent German, Spanish and my mother tongue - Italian - of course.


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